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Browsers and Operating Systems
The numbers have been accumulated since 1st January, 2012. Visits by web crawlers, mainly used by search engines, have been filtered out.

Some of the columns may need a word of explanation. "apple" designates Apple operating systems, both for desktop and mobile devices. "win xx" groups 16-bit relics (still around, apparently) and mobile versions.
Mobile devices
Mobile devices are increasingly popular, and this is reflected in the visit numbers. A breakdown of devices being used to visit our site, is given below. More detailed information (like a further analysis of the "unidentified" group of devices) will be available in future releases.
Visits over time
The table below shows an approximation of the number of visits per month. It's very hard to get exact figures, so look upon the table as giving an impression of how the popularity of the site rises or falls. As in the previous table, visits by Webbots are not included.
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