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J type van The website of the J, JB & 101 Register 2005-08-17
The Wolseley Register The Register caters for all Wolseley cars 1895-1975 2005-08-17
Brian Buyden's 1953 Morris Oxford MO Page The site not only tells the story of Brian's MO, but also covers his other interests: Computer Science, Education, Mathematics, Music, Genealogy, Dutch and Amateur Radio. 2005-08-17
The Morris Minor LCV Register Dedicated, of course, to Minor LCV's but probably interesting for Cowley Van and Pick-up owners as well. 2005-09-20
Internet Movie Cars Database The site offers loads of film snapshots of varying quality, featuring cars. The link brings you to a collection of Wolseleys on the big screen, but other selections can easily be made. The rating system is very helpful when contemplating buying a CD or DVD. Follow the link, click the "search" tab (not the search button) and enjoy! 2006-06-20
The Wolseley Car Club of Australia Always worth a visit; try e.g. '6/80 Parts Shed'. 2006-08-25
The Swedish Morris & Wolseley Club (Svenska Morris & Wolseley Klubben) Have a look at how Lars Lundberg promotes our cars (and the Club!) in Sweden. Click here for the English translation. 2007-08-26
The Wolseley Forum A new Forum decribed by the Administrator as 'A place where you can share ideas, ask questions and impart information to fellow Wolseley enthusiasts. The Forum has been created to raise awareness of Wolseley cars and keep the memory of Frederick York Wolseley and the marque alive.' 2008-12-05
zwart-wit kentekens Wouter Duijndam's collection of 50s and 60s transport pictures. Find the club cars... 2009-10-15
J Van Movie Star (1) 1949 Morris-Commercial J-Type Royal Mail Van 2009-12-22
J Van Movie Star (2) 1949 Morris-Commercial J-Type 2009-12-22
Clips from the Met: Leyton Police Garage North London 1950 to 60's Roger Tennyson found this footage on YouTube, showing lots of interesting (Club) cars. As the cars and the motor cycles come out of the garage and drive up the road there is an MO parked on the footpath beside the Vauxhall. When we are on the skid pan with two 6/90's, there is a 6/80 right over to the right of the surface, parked up. 2011-03-07
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