The 6/80 & MO Oxford & Cowley Club

A bit of digital history

In September 2004 I took over management of this site from Kevin Gould. He put in a tremendous effort to get things going as he had to start from scratch. No mean feat as I can assure you from experience.

The first version

The development framework Kevin had to use, proved too limited to meet the Club's requirements. Only a switch to a different service provider and a complete reverse engineering of the site could cope with this challenge at short notice.

Coming of age

As the site matured, the code grew into a stable environment. No high-tech stuff, just scripts that anybody with a minimal knowledge of html, php and css, can maintain. Over the years, however, the site's functionality became increasingly complex and difficult to transfer.

Enter: the Frameworks

As of the current version, the site’s functionality relies mainly on two development frameworks: Zend Expressive and Bootstrap. They are well documented and supported; both are used in millions of websites throughout the world.


Some parts, like the photo gallery and the photo upload page, use cookies. Believe me, I only use them to support the page’s functionality. In no way this site uses cookies to store personal information or track your browsing activities.

Browser compatibility

The site is fully compatible with the HTML5 (semantic) standard defined by the W3C. This means that no browser-specific tricks are being used and that the site should display fine on almost every browser currently in use.

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