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Police 6/80 at Lyndhurst
This Photo was recently posted on Facebook with the caption stating that it was taken at Lyndhurst and the posters father standing beside the car.
6/80 Police
Interior dash shot of Wolseley 6/80 Met Police car, interesting to note the unusual addition of a heater.
6/80 Police
Metropolitan Police Wolseley 6/80
6/80 Police
Bristol City Police line up with several Wolseley 6/80's.
6/80 Police
Oldham Borough Police inspection line up with Wolseley 6/80's and an Austin A70.
6/80 Police
Wrexham Wolseley 6/80 with two Vauxhall Velox saloons.
Morris MCV Dog Patrol Van.
Lancashire Police Inspection with Morris Cowley MCV Dog Van just getting into the picture.
MCV Police
Berwick, Roxburgh & Selkirk Constabulary Fleet @ Jedburgh HQ. 2 X Morris J Vans & MCV Cowley Van in centre back row.
Morris Oxford MO Herts Police
Hertforfdshire Police MO Series Morris Oxford allocated to Oxhey Police Station, near Watforfd in 1953. No obvious markings, which was typical of that era. Oxfords were issued as 'Divisional Cars' for use mainly by the Duty Inspector. I think Oxhey Police Station must have been built around that time, as I am told that this was the 'first' car to be assigned to this station.
Wolseley 6/80 Police
Fire Service Funeral in Denbigh with Wolseley 6/80 JCA 165 of Denbighshire Police.
Appeared on a Facebook group for Old British Cars, 6 MO's all with LXV London registrations bot not quite consecutive.
Hertfordshire Wolseley 6/80
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