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The Wolseley 6/80 in County Forces Service

Photographs in this section are Copyright of the respective County Forces
The 6/80 was also a popular police vehicle used by many of the County Forces throughout the entire United Kingdom. Specifications of equipment varied depending upon local requirements in many cases, although the two trusty reliables, the Winkworth Gong and the Tannoy loudhailer were to be seen on many examples.
The following early 1950s photos show various examples from Bristol, Hertfordshire, Hampshire and Swansea Constabularies.
A line-up of immaculate Wolseley 6/80s from the early 1950s in Bristol, equipped with flat-backed Tannoy loudhailer in place of the o/s foglamp, and a front-mounted antenna over the windscreen centre.
A line-up of 20 Hampshire Constabulary 6/80s fitted with a flat-backed Tannoy hailer and a rectangular-shaped illuminated police box sign on the roof.
A Hertfordshire Constabulary 6/80 fitted with flat-backed Tannoy hailer in place of the o/s foglamp, and an unusual positioning of the Winkworth gong directly above the n/s foglamp. The traditional Pye roof antenna is mounted to the rear of the roof.
Another Hertfordshire Constabulary 6/80 which differs from the one depicted above, with both of its foglamps, an unusual black-painted wing mirror, and the traditional roof antenna.
A recent photograph of an ex-Swansea police 6/80 that was discovered and then restored by present day dedicated staff members. The car survives to this day.
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