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Morris Cowley 1200
The Morris Cowley Series III commercial was introduced to replace the MCV van in 1956. Available with van, pick up body or as a chassis/cab, early versions had column change gearbox, later floor-change could be specified. The commercial was a mixture of parts, it used the Series III Oxford dashboard, front end resembled Morris Cowley Series II but without the heater air scoop on the bonnet.
A Series III type heater was available if required. A bench seat in brown vinyl or a pair of single seats could be ordered. Only a driver's side sun visor was fitted to early models. A substantial chassis carried the 'bolt-on' rear body which was easily removed if need be. The front hubs and rear axle were Series 1 Isis using five stud wheels, tyre size in crossply being 6.40.15.
The low rear axle ratio of 5.1 to 1 meant that half-ton loads did not present a problem. The rear doors and van roof panel were carried over from the MCV. The spare wheel was mounted in a carrier at the back under the load floor with a swing-down panel for access so that you did not have to unload the van to retrieve the wheel from inside if needed.
I have seen examples of 'Gown' bodies, milk floats, ambulance and even an articulated Cowley van some years ago. The last of the range were built in 1961 and were superceded by the vastly inferior A55/60 range of commercials. It is thought that around 35 remain in the U.K., with more in Malta, Australia and New Zealand. A few are also know to exist elsewhere.
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