The 6/80 & MO Oxford & Cowley Club

Until now, you were asked to provide a login name (and password, of course) to access the Members' Area. In this version of the site access is based on your membership number (digits only) - you can forget the login name used earlier.

When asked to provide your Membership Number, please do not include the two-character prefix (MO, MS, W4 etcetera). Wolseley owners should be careful: when, e.g., you are known to the Club as W4567, the number to provide on this page is 567, not 4567.

MCOC members: please use "Cowley Club car" as membership type (when asked), and add 5000 to your current membership number (49 becomes 5049, 167 becomes 5167 etcetera) to avoid conflicts with existing membership numbers.

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