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The codes used in this table are Nuffield colour codes. Specialists will be able to translate them into currently available products. This is where, I hope, the mixing percentages will be of assistance. As an extra, the last column contains facsimiles of a contemporary price list; the AKJ codes are Nuffield part numbers.
Colour Code Colour mix Pricing
Thames Blue BU.31
Dark GreyGRT.234.0%
Pale OchreYLT.423.5%
Light BlueBUT.329.0%
Light GreyGRT.113.5%
Empire Green GN.22
Dark GreyGRT.231.0%
Middle Brunswick GreenGNT.155.0%
Pale OchreYLT.49.0%
Romain Green GN.27
Light GreyGRT.19.0%
Prussian BlueBUT.111.0%
Dark GreyGRT.28.0%
Middle Brunswick GreenGNT.172.0%
Mist Green GN.28
Light GreyGRT.17.0%
Yellow OchreYLT.142.0%
Dark GreyGRT.224.0%
Light BlueBUT.327.0%
Gascoyne Grey GR.21
Light GreyGRT.127.0%
Pink OxideRDT.73.0%
Dark GreyGRT.244.0%
Pale OchreYLT.426.0%
Moonstone Grey GR.22
Pink OxideRDT.73.0%
Pale OchreYLT.419.5%
Light GreyGRT.172.0%
Platinum Grey GR.24
Dark GreyGRT.262.0%
Pale OchreYLT.417.0%
Yellow OchreYLT.115.0%
Pink OxideRDT.76.0%
Birch Grey GR.3
Dark GreyGRT.217.0%
Light BlueBUT.32.0%
Light GreyGRT.163.0%
Pale OchreYLT.418.0%
Clarendon Grey GR.6
Dark GreyGRT.271.0%
Yellow OchreYLT.19.0%
Middle BlueBUT.48.0%
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