Welcome MCOC Members!

Morris Oxford MO Saloon

At the moment I'm reworking the Registration pages and very soon (probably around end-November) you will be able to register on-line. Don't worry: I'm also revising the Home page so that it will reflect the car types you cherish.

If you can't wait: please send me an e-mail stating your MCOC Membership number, the e-mail address to be used for Club communication, and all other contact information (address, phone number or numbers) you are willing to share with fellow Club Members. I will then create a registration for you and provide a login name and password, usually within 24 hours. Of course you will be able to change these credentials later on this month, as soon as the reworked Registration functionality is in place - or by e-mail, of course.

Enjoy the site!

Henk (Webmaster - click this link to find out how contact me)

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